Embracing Pure Passion

Here I am again. Feeling the timid. Literally facing the thick wall of silence that profoundly shapes sexual understanding for me.

And I know I'm not alone. I understand propriety. Truly, I do. Modesty in speech and privacy are important and I don't want to be disrespectful.

But, here's the problem. The world talks A LOT about sex. And the vast majority turns upside-down and dirties the good and beautiful and right and true that God designed sex to be.

This series is my story. 

It comes from the heart of a girl who did all of the right things and yet ended up with very wrong, warped thinking.

It is real. Raw in places. Joy-filled in others. It is an offering of hope. An acting on the belief that God, in Christ, redeems everything. It has been bathed in prayer and inspired by the vision of women who love God being set free from what holds them back from Him. And more, the truth that learning to live wild and free as God's in this world releases a pure passion that finds intimate expression through sex. In His bounds. For His Glory. Simply Amazing.

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