About Me

About Me

I am wife to a wonderful man, mama to three precious now-little-but-soon-will-not-be loves. Each born in a different place--two states {Pennsylvania and Florida} and two countries {U.S. and Hungary}.  

I am a farm girl who found her heart in the city.  

I can now claim fluency in 3 languages :: English;) Spanish and Hungarian.This combined with the all-too-true 'mommy brain' explains much regarding my mental state most days.  

I am a sojourner longing for Home. Yet, in my messy and broken, I embrace the moments given with all I have.  

I am seeking, seeking, seeking...Praying, praying, praying...learning, learning, learning again and again and again that it is for His Glory I live. My prayer is that my little life would make much of Him!  

About Me...as a Missionary

My family has ministered to students through CRU in the U.S. and Eastern Europe for the last 11 years. There is a solitude and a needing Jesus that comes with this life. Salt that with transitions, children, ministry and cross-cultural living, and there are many places from which to write. In each post, I seek to communicate three things: vulnerability, authenticity and redemption. May every reader experience those things here.
{we are front and center when #1 and #2 were almost 3 and almost 1}
...this is the whole amazing Hungarian and American team that ran 
in Keszthely, Hungary

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