31 Days to His Heart

Dear Friend,  

I am taking a journey for 31 days to the Heart of God.  It is with tip-toeing reverence I publish on a lowly blog something so very much bigger than I.  And yet, in the uniqueness of Him and how He writes every story worth publishing, I know He is at work and wants to change me {the most!} and anyone who would be willing to journey further into the Matchless Beauty of Him.

I am praying that all who linger would be touched by Him. He who desires and is FULLY WORTHY of all of our hearts!

Day 1 ::  From His to Ours and Back Again
Day 2 ::  His Heart is Everlasting Love
Day 3 ::  His Heart is Holy
Day 4 ::  His Heart is for Relationship
Day 5 ::  His Heart is Good
Day 6 ::  His Heart is Mercy
Day 7 ::  His Heart is Crowned with Grace
Day 8 ::  An Ordinary Look at His Extraordinary Heart
Day 9 ::  His Heart Works

Day 10 :: Jesus is His Heart Revealed
Day 11 :: Jesus Epitomizes His Holy Heart
Day 12 :: Jesus is ALL that is Good in His Heart
Day 13 :: Jesus Unleashes His Compassionate Heart
Day 14 :: Jesus Makes a Way for Us to be Caught up in Him

Day 15 :: Half-Way to His Heart OR Have We Only Just Begun??

Day 16 ::  The Story of the Heart Begins...
Day 17 ::  When Pride Makes a Mess of Everything
Day 18 ::  Why the heart Gives Life to Lies
Day 19 ::  How the heart gets hardened
Day 20 ::  What About the Fear?
Day 21 ::  The Great Beyond
Day 22 ::  When Pain and Grief are Real
Day 23 ::  Bearing the Heart of a Sojourner
Day 24 ::  Hold Nothing Back
Day 25 ::  Our Hearts Become His
Day 26 ::  Learning a Heart of Love
Day 27 ::  Dreaming the Dreams that Flow from His Heart
Day 28 ::  His Heart for You
Day 29 ::  How He is Making All Things New in Our Hearts
Day 30 ::  Hearts that Never, Ever Stop Beating

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