Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Story for His Glory:: The Eternal Weight of It All

And so I continue my slow process through the things I shared nearly a year ago on 'My Story for His Glory'...

We see our stories are continuous, eternal. They encompass every moment of our lives. And God promises to redeem it all and utterly transform everything into something beautiful. Nothing is excluded from this, and as we see so many places in our stories where God has brought good, we affirm the promise of Romans 8:28, ‘all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.’

When we open our mouths and speak the Truth, it becomes the living reality that sets us and others free.

I spoke these words on a late January day in a faraway place to 500 women gathered from many nations. I was shaking as I stood there. Both from nerves and the weight of import. I meant every word I said that day. Every word. 

I also believed the truths were tried and tested through what I had experienced in life. 

And they were. 

But God had something more to plant within my heart. He was about to show me through the pain of my brokenness and the brokenness of others just how deep His truth goes. He was preparing to change me from one degree of Glory to another. He was readying my story to receive the weight of eternity.

It is like this with all of our stories. We are living life one moment and in an instant it all changes. Tragedy. Sickness. Death. Loss. 

And beautiful things too! Dreams come to life. Love is born. New things come to be.

And our stories are made to bear the weight of it all. That is where their power comes from as we believe in the redemptive hand of God making it all good.

This verse, Romans 8:28 cannot be the platitude of the Christian. It is meant to be spoken with the full eye on our stories. Either we will speak through tears, or the cracked voice of the humbled, or the small, sacred of the servant.

Because we remember. We remember what it cost God in the lifeblood of Jesus to declare this His Truth sealed in His word. We remember that the full reality of a risen Savior is meant to shine upon our stories relentlessly. We remember that deeper than despair, darkness or doubt is hope.

We remember this is the character of our story.

There are still many moments when I feel weighted down by grief and loss. There are acute places of pain that I cannot see how they will become uniquely good. If someone tossed Romans 8:28 my way in those moments...well, you can imagine what I would do with it ;) 

But that is not what God intends with so precious a promise. He intends for us to trust in Him as the Great Author. He wants to surprise us with an eternal weight whispering all about the strands of our stories. He wants us to hear the roar of mighty waters rushing with a great flow toward Heaven. He wants us to speak it from deep and deeper places until we know.

And this is my testimony. There are whispers of good coming...I cannot see much of it yet, but it IS coming. There is the distant roar. At times I fall to my knees and it deafens my ears to all but the singular sound of His majesty. 

And all this aching, groaning of these past months? 

It's deepening, widening, heightening and lengthening the contours of my story. It's making room for glory. It's strengthening the fabric to bear the weight of His story.

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