Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Story For His Glory: It's a Journey that Takes Heart

It's been four months. 


Somehow I can't feel bad about not posting here for four months. You know why? Because in that time I have had some of the biggest victories of my life. My story is continuing and I am living it.

Which brings me to the part of my 'story talk' I am going to share today. 

To know our stories, is to commit to a journey.

And this journey is not for the faint of heart. It takes grit, guts and a kind of soul groaning to hang onto our stories.

Because there are times...

Times like this year, for me, when a story seems in shreds. When whole things become broken; shattered. When the lies weave like deep-rooted viscious weeds come to choke out all the good.

These have been the days when I have needed to remember most where I come from. Every bit of childhood faith and the earlier parts of my story as well as the stories of those who have gone before. I have needed to remember the journey of my story. I have needed to commit again to see it through for the glory of God.

As we remain in our stories, there are things of which we become more and less sure. There are things which make more sense and many which make less sense. There are things we once thought of as having great significance which now seem small. And other things we once saw as small which have become great.

It's a journey of vision and vantage.

Our stories are the treasures we sell everything to buy. They are unyielding and eternal. They are all that is precious and true of who we are becoming.

They are the journey of our lives.
And so we must commit to this journey.  

This truth is reaching deep inside of me. I am trusting God as He speaks a different word, His Word, over who I am. I am lifting that word high in praise as I run this race. And step by step I am finding boldness and confidence in my story. God owns this path. As I commit to who He is, He is giving me eyes to see. Eyes of hope, wonder, joy, beauty, strength, resilience and peace.

Are you committed to the journey of your story? What is tempting you off of the path?


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