Monday, April 20, 2015

A Poem of Longing and Fulfillment


I long to be free to take deep breaths and know I am loved.

I plead with Heaven to live full, trusting the heart of it all into the Master's Hand.

I desire to walk upon the beaches of the soul, the song of roaring waves 
and rushing waters that spray with the salty refreshment of truth.
I want to run at the breakers and let the crashing over me be behind, before, all about.
I long to know the surpassing greatness like the winds that whip around 
and lift to the heights with the sure whir of Almighty God.
And so I wait for You in Your awesome Oneness, in Your majestic reality, 
in Your ever love 
and all as You rejoice over me, quiet me fully, delight deeply in me and Abba-embrace me.


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