Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Story Teaches Us :: We Learn We Need God and Others

This wasn't an easy post to write for {in}courage, but it is an important one. Our stories DO teach us many things. And if I am going to encourage others to know and share theirs, it is vital that I do the same.

In this post I re-visit what is perhaps the hardest season in my life. As I do that I share what God is teaching me about how easily lies break us, but how He is bigger, stronger and always, always enough.

I grip the counter hard. It’s a white knuckle hold of slippery, grey-speckled imitation granite. The cars whizz by down the hill. This is the neighborhood in Budapest where my family and I have lived for a year and a half. But it is not, yet, home. And I do not know if I can survive until it is home.

Thoughts have begun to enter my mind. It is a journey of seven years, too many moves, and three kids that have brought us here. The calling has remained clear, even after weathering a path of so much hard.

Until now. I have gone so far adrift, I cannot find my place anywhere in this world. And while my heart still beats, hope’s fire wanes. I am in a fierce battle. I know I must learn anew to fight. For even in the deepest darkness, there is a light sewn into my heart of hearts and it will not be overcome.
As I write this now, a little more than a year separates me from the dark place mentioned above. What I share here, I offer humbly. Because the way out is a daily, moment to moment choice, and one I continue to struggle to make. 

But the hope is real and the God of it bigger and stronger than anything.

Come finish the rest with me over at {in}courage.

Please share with others as there are so many who suffer in silence and need to know they are not alone and can take a step towards healing today.

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