Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: CHOOSE

GO ::

Looking to the hopeful side I am going

to pick up what is ever yet to be.

Hope springs in heart and life and I will choose it.

It’s this relentless dragging down that’s always

getting me.

Carrying the burden of the past and add to that

the perfect running through and all about my head

and you see I’ve got a pretty bad case of the blues.

But that is not the choice to which I am called

The wild and glorious unmerited of Grace

is my portion.  And can it be?

Since tiny girl with full heart that has passed

through valleys in the years to now

I have always, always struggled for the grace

to open wide and simply not think I need to be the

best.  And not let the imperfection start mounting up, up, up

like some kind of muddy slide that’s surely going to cover me

at any moment.

The choice I know is the only choice that renders me free

is the one that looks this moment, now, to

the face of the beauty of what is done—perfect and whole.

I teared up at this trailer. If I was home in the States I would go.

opens this weekend…in the U.S. please go for me:)

It’s the not being able to get enough, you know.

The becoming completely transfixed by the One that is worthy!

to get stuck in this choice with the raised eyes and heart…

oh yes, please.


faith filled friday


Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Small

Samuka getting bigger, etc 127

Fragile is the hand that ticks the moments

of a life.

In tragedy the world over all too often

the hand it stops and time here is done.

Eternity only will bring the reuniting.

Only the good die young, it is true.

And only the strong and brave

survive to live amidst the loss.

It’s hard to know what to say when

we think of things like grief and pain

countries torn apart, a new neighbor for us,

and the struggle to be free.

I have never felt so small and insignificant

against the weight of what threatens

to overwhelm.

Small in my own eyes knowing that it is

a place to live from.

There’s little, oh so, so little, I can do to

take away the pain.

Moments of small are touching the grieving

hearts and shedding tears that drip drip

to the beat of the heart of God.

I am small and so I breathe the only way

to see the big happen in this world.

Out the surrender of what I cannot change

and in the prayer to the One who holds it all.

I let go of my own fleeting life and all allusion of

control and I take up the truth of the One

who has promised to redeem.

I lift these shaking, trembling hands the tiny

mustard seed of faith and cry the tears

for all the fragile lost and the hope rises

that will grace the new day.


Missional Women


Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Write

Most Gorgeous Sunset 026


In this season when the posts have been few and the closet writings fewer, there has nevertheless been a great and beautiful story unfolding.

You see I’m here in a new country which will certainly still be new 5 years and more from now, and I’m learning the kind of writing I need to live well, live full, live free.

And one big part of that is who I write for and who I share with…lots of preparation and heart tending is involved but I know that the journey will be worth it and the refining priceless.

I also know that on this ground gritty level, the one person that I want to share all of the deepest and find anew the story to be told, is this beloved, beautiful companion this whole journey Home.

We’re connecting in ways that we never have, finding this vast, layered and exquisite garden that is the other. And we’ve begun to write ourselves in new ways through the community of our marriage and the heart of a best friend.

It is breathtaking and liberating and slowing and remembering and embracing and chills-worthy sacred.

I am learning what is to be written one day for those beyond but that it will never, ever have more meaning than the relationship most precious in this veil of tears.

I am learning to write like the tragedy is real and the hope is beyond defeat and learning to find the golden and the vibrant and to marvel in the expectation of the ever-new He is forming in me, in us, in the home he makes us to be in this world.



faith filled friday


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