Monday, October 13, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: WORK #write31days

It’s like so many things can be for these people. Nehez. Hard. And that is life the world around yet there’s something about catching a break and that’s what we usually want for the street shop owners in our community and the people, so many, running mom and pop’s and just trying to feed their families.

There’s lots of nenis who live in their kids homes as nagymamas, grandmas, and their work is to care for the family while the mamas or papas, their kids, work away in jobs. They cook and love and their knitting together with these families homespun and pulling together in the broken and frayed is what works a whole lot better here.

And I think of the doctors. For some reason always the doctors. They have a hard road to be accepted to study and then they work so hard and if they make it through and work they don’t earn much in the First World standards. It’s like other professionals and we get confused because shouldn’t there be a house in the suburbs for them and big back yards and fences. Sometimes there are, but many times not. There’s quiet ways and brilliant minds that do great work and yet it doesn’t reach up like so much gaining in the world back where we are from.

So when I look at how more things don’t make us happy, and then I think about this work here that keeps life in homes and relationships smaller and less scattered, it seems like it just might be a better way.


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