Sunday, October 12, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: TEACH #write31days

Every summer Dan, the director of Speakout, shows this video. It’s of all of the wonderful things that Hungarians have contributed to the world through inventions. Among them the ball point pen and rubix cube and computer and many more... 

 this is the 4 minute video Dan shows at Speakout
shows Hungarian inventions and the great beauty of Budapest :)

And this is what it is to dig deep into life here. To become someone who knows and creates beauty in ways uniquely made for you. This is the good at the heart that educates specializing in fields young. And while it can be hard to set your course so early it feels brilliant too. And they are. 

And I grieve so more for what the gulags took. The doctors and scientists were some of the first to go. The artists too. And I hate what wants to make uniform and will kill hands meant to save lives with back-breaking work. And hands meant to paint colors across a gray sky all blistered and misshapen in the tragic waste of life.

But it is woven into the history of this country. The light of the gifts given to the world and the dark of the marks of a Great Beast that took these gifts. It all teaches me of two deep pieces of this nation’s soul. It’s profound. Because I see the image of God so clearly displayed and the Great Enemy a Thief who steals like a jagged rip into that soul.

And I want true teaching of the One who restores and makes new to walk alongside this nation in grieving its loss as it embraces ever deeper the beauty uniquely given that rises up in dawning light for all the world.


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