Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: MOVE #write31days

The sleek white metro car is full of voices. There’s a buzz of excitement in the air. It’s a Sunday evening and the new Metro Line 4 is free this weekend in its Grand Opening. The plans have been laid for years. We heard all about it when we first came in 2005. But it has taken until the Spring of 2014. And though I’d always wish it sooner…the wait has birthed something beautiful.

There’s so many places and patterns that constantly move me in their intricate; unique. Yet, I feel them growing dull even in a few scattered years. And as I look at the people here who have faced decades of all that could not, would not, move, I understand a little more. To have your life determined. Your job. To face death in concentration camps only to be liberated and suffer the back-breaking work and slow fade of gulags. To have your schooling be a rigorous road with no guarantees shining as a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

And my sight deepens when I look full on ; eyes open. Today, hearing the excitement on the metro, I believe a little more for these people. This country. I can see a day when the familiar grooves of what life has been so long saying it is supposed to be will become a new terrain. I picture hope. In bright faces and opportunities that may look different but they are real and they are warm and they are true and they can be reached. 

The quiet isolation of a normal subway experience transformed into the expressive words of friends and family pulls my lips into a smile that makes me eyes twinkle.



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