Friday, October 17, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: LONG #write31days #fmfparty

I look into her face and hear the common response to ‘do you believe?’ ‘Well, yes’ she says ‘but I don’t go to church.’ Ah, rote religion…

It’s a rough path on this nation’s soul and its road home to God. There’s so much that marches through the tradition and says Sunday and church and confession and other sacrament and staying married all is what living relationship with God is. 

 These are all good things and important, but not the central. This is what I tell Sari as I look into her eyes. I tell her that it’s about relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ. This is like our physical heart that sustains our life and we are in that relationship, that life, always. So our faith is our life…morning, noon, night and everything in between.

And there’s a hunger I see and she reaches deep into my soul with the fresh desire for deeper meaning. This is where I began to love the soul here…now 9 years ago when I first looked into the eyes of a Hungarian student and saw that desire for the fresh. And really, it is this simple and beautiful this life in Jesus?
It’s a a gift I want to hold tender and full to step into the journey and walk it with the people of this nation on this long road home.


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