Thursday, October 16, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: LIFE #write31days

A prayer for you, beautiful nation.  

I pray that you believe that the God who took on flesh and named Himself Jesus with his promise of abundant life is meant for you too. I pray that you will find seeds far and wide that can move mountains of broken jagged in your land, your midst, your families, your collective soul.

I pray that you will dream of a new day and that it is far deeper in vision and scope than the oft empty political promises that say big things but live little. That you will know and smile into your neighbor’s face as you believe for this day and the next. That you will hug your people tight and pray for healing in places that a dark Thief has claimed for too long. 

I pray that you will see what has been so long so hard to see. The hope that your soul is made for. That it is like a flame and it is meant to be fanned to life and that you will touch and grasp hands and see it spread like so much light and revive the dead places of your soul. And I pray that I have strength to carry you always with me and pray these prayers in my own dark nights and want for you as a neighbor, one of your own, who loves you like her story has become a part of yours and more yours a part of mine. Always. Amen.

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