Sunday, October 12, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: JOIN #write31days

We clasp hands.  Partners around the world and this is what it is to love the soul of this nation. Through falls and springs and summers of English Camp there’s a parade that travels an ocean and the countries of Europe and one year Israel to jump right into this generation and the longing they reveal.

With their despairing eyes and their unsure steps they come to Speakout. And slowly in a week we see them bloom out of these ways that hem them in and see God cling to what lies deep and dark and shine his light.
There’s a time in the Fall and we had it last week, 22 high schools and 2000+ students and stories of longing for something more. It brings friends back 7,6, and others 4 and more times as they touch a bit of Heaven and watch God remember a people that He never forgot. It’s the rest of the world who has.

I remember during our internship and the National Director saying to a group full of aspiring missionaries ‘(the West) gave us (Eastern Europe & Russia) 10 years’ in focus on missions before it turned to the Middle East and the 10/40 window. 10 years to undo over 60 of a cancer that flared virulent in fascist and Marxist alike. 10 years to renew generations ravaged by divorce, alcoholism, suicide…

And so they all come and Join and we fight for this nation because God does.


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