Monday, October 27, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: FREE #write31days

This is the blood that pumps through every soul’s nation. And this nation is no different. There’s uprising, protest RIGHT NOW for what is the silencing.

And I want you, this nation, to know that I see it. I do not take the free things for granted and yet I know I do. It’s a yearning that’s born a million and billion and more ways over this world each day.

Freedom. Hope. Bright Tomorrow. The chance to become who you can because you have the right to it. It’s all of the straining through an oppression that you have determined will never win again. Your history bears the blood of those who died for days where you can live as you choose.

Oh soul of Hungary. I wish I had a word to speak that would make all right again. I do not know. This is the truth and it humbles. But I do know that I must live like freedom is real regardless of governing bodies and threatening tyranny of varying scope and size. Before there were nations there was God and has always been. He speaks the world into existence with the creativity that is the essence of the free. He spins a world right and there is no hierarchy only community. And this is what your soul knows in places where you see a way through wilderness. Where you tire of the despairing and look deeper for the smile to grace each morning. This is the free that calls you out of a thousand upon thousand and then decades more of the dark night.


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