Thursday, October 16, 2014

Snapshots :: The Soul of a Nation :: AWAY #write31days

Cast away. And I wonder how many times this is how, somehow, this nation as a weeping child has felt. It’s nothing that anyone can control for the times and places of a people happens in a place marked and remaining forever on the earth. The home of a nation.

And so Hungary, Magyarorszag claimed this land in Central Europe and held on for centuries with no little battle in the process. Then, there was a tug of war that no one could possibly win and it seems like all of the people with dreams of life and communities where everyone knows your name were lost too.

And then the land is taken. Pieces of this soul given to nations all around. as the Entente prime minister leaves defenseless and north south east and west ready to come in to devour. But the people, it’s them and their pieces that have floated adrift because ethnic Hungarians now live in Ukraine and Romania and Slovakia and all around besides…

And this is what it means for a soul to be cast away while the world watches. And then so much fleeing too after a failed revolution that shone with bright courage but was snuffed out with a wicked deadly wind which we will remember and honor the brave next week on October 23rd.


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