Friday, September 5, 2014

the whisper of the wise #fmfparty

Join me, too, today at as I share about the humility of learning a new language ::

When All You Can Say is 'Si! Si! Si!'

it's the whisper of the wise
I have learned to hear it in the 
whirring traffic of a city of two million

as i walk downtown past new metro 
stops and trams
as i pick up my son at his new national school.
as i look around at all the people

yes, living day to day...

there's a whisper that says to me
'pray, beloved, i want you to pray
i want the only response of your mind 
and heart and action to be prayer.'

it's a world that sees what it sees 
and yet He speaks of things unseen.
A God of hope that whispers in 
the fragile and the frail
who calls to souls to find the courage
to live. 

to ask the questions that will save 
the world and us. to seek a healing that is
as deep as the journey to the center 
of the Universe.

It is how the whisper is calling me Home
though that rounds out my heart on the matter.
I don't want to hear the sweet and simple 
for the neighbor or the city-dweller 
and lay on my bed with the busyness of unrest
the things that I see.


i want to be present with these days in 
a strange new home and find the calm 
of the eye of every storm. To see in 
the profound depth of soul the reality


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