Friday, September 12, 2014

Ready to see... #fmfparty #giveaway

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I am pregnant with this life.
It's not a baby, just in case you wonder.

It's something more and something less.
I am ready to slip into this skin of 
Woman that's been forming these 40 years.

Ready to live like it is all real.
To pray like never before 
And live with confident
Anticipation of those prayers.

To see the world through little eyes and big souls
Of wonder. To miss the innuendo
Of the cynical and believe.

I stand on the edge of a world that I can see.
It's been the stuff of dreams...all converging
In this one stilled season after that
Last wilderness trek thirsty and hungry in dry land.
It's here today because the years in far country
And the moments that span so much of 
A grieving daughter whose lost to the way Home
Have made my eyes to see.

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