Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 Days :: Snapshots :: the Soul of a Nation (intro)

I am clasping my husbands’ hands and we are giving a humble offering of the life we have entered here.

When Kate Motaung, who I join every week for Five Minute Friday suggested 31 days of Five Minute writes, I knew I wanted in. She is doing ’31 Days of South Africa’ which gave me the idea of writing for 31 days about Hungary.

Then I thought of how I could include my husband. He has a great photographic eye and is all around the city many days, so I am having him do five minutes of pictures using the same word prompts that I am. 

I am looking forward to seeing what we come up with together ;)

I hope you will see our love and deep respect for our new home. It is complex and beautiful. We have lived here with our kids for two and a half years, but our journey here began in 2003. That was when we first heard about the opportunities to work with high school students that seemed to patch together each of our journeys in ministry and missions. 

Our son began the first grade in an entirely Hungarian school at the beginning of this month. Our church is 100% Hungarian as well.  Yet we remain novices on so many levels. This is the beauty, wonder and mystery of living life in another country. It is a journey full of differences and yet learning about ourselves and how the decades of our lives have prepared us to uniquely be here…right now.

It’s our great delight to invite you to these 31 days and these homespun snapshots of the nation of Hungary.

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