Friday, August 8, 2014

On moments and beauty and longings filled #fmfparty

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Go ::

I'm living in most days...

so caught in the in-between
of demands and wants and 
some genuine little people's needs.

I miss the moments and they
slip so easily through the fingers
of time.

And yet, there is a filling,
a well that comes in moments
of little chubby hands and feet 
that I kiss and play with and tickle
and there's hugs and toe nail 
painting and heart to hearts 
with a little boy about to start school
in a whole different language...

It's the secret, or not-so-secret kisses
that go slow and praise God for 
such a love. It's the twinkles and 
the playfulness of youth that I HOPE 
finds us even more at 80;)

It's the rubbing off of the dismal and the dull
and finding Glory. finding Him.

I don't know when it all starts to 

Because I see a little boy whose not quite 2
and sure he screams in frustration but 
mostly, every little thing is bringing him 

He's filled with young wonder and I want 
what he's got, but somehow it 
promises to even be better than this.

Because to be filled in the story today
means that we trust it is all working together
and that we are going HOME and the love 
we're promised is REAL. And that NO MATTER
WHAT it's been redeemed. 

And it's the Beauty that saves and 
transcends and our souls expand to receive
and eternity touches time 
and we let go and trust and yes,
our soul's longing is satisfied.

(about 1 minute over...;)


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