Friday, July 25, 2014

when the finish is bittersweet... #fmfparty #speakout2014

It's a quiet Friday morning...the camp weeks are over. And I'm greedy again for more than 5 minutes to hug tight and close and bow low in worship to the God who makes all things beautiful. And, for me, there is no place on earth quite as beautiful as Keszthely, Hungary.

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I went to bed early
and got up late.
I am not alone on this 
quiet Friday morning.

(and there is no husband quite as wonderful as mine:)

this morning is bittersweet.
the running has been good
and sure and the walls

there are no words and yet
I grasp. I smell the sweetness
and long to paint a word-glimpse.

the finish is the most bittersweet of moments.
the place of a chapter closing and 
the knowledge that this community
that comes together each summer
won't look the same. ever.

it's the reality that for us and hundreds
of campers we find the way to 
keep going, keep growing,
keep knowing, even as it will
seem lonely. the late night talks
on dorm halls won't be there. at 
least not like this.

many will stand alone in new places and 
look one friend at a time for a way
home. it's the moment of seeming 
despair when you are gazing at a 
beauty that is just so full it hurts. 
and you know.

you know it isn't meant to last.
you remember that yes, our days
are still defined by this veil of tears
and we are all in the in-between.
the places of dreams and sacrifice and 
pain and surrender as we take 
each step forward.

we are in the place where we know
that even the most beautiful is 

the hugs of these days are the ones
that may not be experienced again 

The finish now is only full in its
'now but not yet'. It's only in pushing 
beyond the glory of the summer 
and changed lives, to the glory of 
Of fledging faith that rises up in 
stuttering song but refuses to 
stop singing. The ones who return 
to homes with broken places and 
learn to believe that it is all 
meant to be true here, too.

it will be so. The never ever ever
giving up as we all learn to cheer
on the others from the distance
of current places to the longing 
of all time...the Feast without end 
and the Prize given to the bittersweet 


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