Thursday, July 3, 2014

learning to breathe...exhale #fmfparty


It's exhale morning

our 'free' day at English Camp

the kids are shouting and yelling 
in the next room with the most
amazing hubby in the world;)

Life is good and yet not

There's relief in Dad coming 
home, but yet changes that
mark the fleeting nature of life.

there's the excitement of 
the new things coming, we're
sending out to all the world 
from this little town in Western 

and yet, it's the lostness and the glory
that compels

the breathing is calling me to the 
larger expanse. to the kind 
of in that takes in the weight 
of souls that roam having no 
knowledge of love & heaven 
and what has changed everything.

there's that deep desire to live 
these breaths like they really are 
moment to moment taking me 
closer to Home and their sum 
total is GLORY.

GLORY seen in the face of the
dying One, who suffered, yes, 
suffered, and then he died.

He gave it all and held nothing 
back, and this is the road to 
GLORY...all the GLORY that 
ever matters and the One 
who is my heart's desire.

Right here in this morning of freedom
I look forward to a day of exhaling 
with kids and being family even as 
the inhale dives deeper for the 
journey ahead, for the ones who 
are in agony and need hope.

for the heart of the beating Christ
to be the anthem, the prayer, 
the breath, the sigh of what
remains and the embrace of 
knowing Him in the journey.


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