Friday, July 18, 2014

Blooming in the Son #fmfparty #speakout2014

For the second week, I am breaking the rules...10 precious minutes to reflect upon the life & ministry we are so amazingly blessed to live... (if you are one of our partners, or even if you are not;) PLEASE pray about joining us in ministry here in Hungary )

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It’s a quiet Friday morning. They stay quiet around the camp weeks. The brave and exhausted rest in ways that have been impossible. But, oh for the ways that rest has been found in the faces of one another and the eyes of the seeking and the arms of the Savior who longs to be found.

It surprises every time. But, how can this be? The flowers they stretch out in first petals and rise to meet the Son. They come and in three or four days go from places of confidence and views of life that leave no room for a dying God and Grace for their need too and they start to crumble in all of the right ways. Their thoughts of how it all is supposed to be, or that we can create our own meaning in our own small lives that have no connection to the Greater.

We walk in hallowed space on soccer fields and pavement trails and sandy beaches and mushy lakes that are murky yet home. We look into eyes and slap down cards and learn new things and somehow? It always circles back around to this truth that shapes all of our days and forevermore.

We lift up brothers and sisters of another culture who are our family and we plead for the chains to be broken, the oppressed to be set free and for newness of life to bloom in the wastelands of the thief. 

We see the journey from darkness to light and in it all we look more and more to Heaven. We are humbled and amazed and there is Glory. We cry it from the depths and our souls have started to not be able to bloom under any other sun than this. It isn’t enough…our own glory-grasping…it mars the fields of wheat and the white of a harvest that is unto the Lamb, perfect, forever, slain for all time.
We are changed and dead things are pruned and new places of hope and joy and Gospel they spring up as we share life and the truth thatmakes all of the difference. It’s tears of joy and pain and the depth of souls that lie before as precious as the newborn babe.


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