Friday, July 11, 2014

A place to Belong #speakout2014 #fmfparty


This week I am breaking the rules.

I’m giving myself 10 whole minutes on a free day at camp to write my heart out about what it means to …
It’s just too rich and I have been missing writing too much in these packed, yet beautiful, days, so on this one in seven day of literal rest, I’m doubling this kind of breathing…

Go ::

We sit in a crowded room
And bounce the stories
Of our days…
All shapes and sizes and
Journeys to Keszthely,
The hearts of young people
Laid open to prayer and redemption
And our own belonging to a God
Who opens wide and receives
For all time all who call
On Jesus.

It’s the lancing some days
The heart that was angry and
Hard last summer returning
To a community that is the only
Voice of love and sacrifice.
The hard walls have turned to tears
And I praise a good God for this
Girl and that one on either side
Who remembers her tears.

The journey to belong…

It’s written in the ragged edges
And even as we the Redeemed
Know that we belong forever
Our threads remain fragmented
And in our brokenness we
Extend the weary arms and the
Tear-laden hearts and wrap
Wide around and somehow,
Here, we too are found.

We start to live with solid by
Solid color, shape, scope and breath
That we really do belong.
(because we do)

We don’t belong to country or even
Family in deepest places anymore,
But we belong to Him.

You in your little place and I in
Mine and the sacred touch it
Spans our hearts as we believe it
Is real and live it out loud.

The belonging hunger that I see in
A hundred and more shades each summer
with their varied hues
Of depth of pain and simple trust in
What can be made happy again,
It mirrors the contours I daily find woven in
My own yet-to-be-traversed dark corners
Of heart and holding on.

I sacrifice and so do you as we risk
The truth, the story in its unfulfilled
Longing and share with tears the
Reality of the hurt. Yet, through
And through somehow we 

Come to belong more…to be that
Much closer to a Home without End

(8.5 minutes…I found a good ‘stop’ early;)

today the Five Minute Friday sharing is happening at Crystal Stine's place :)


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