Friday, June 13, 2014

when you know the art is the listening #fmfparty

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And it's a Friday 
I am home
you know the one 
where I've grown up 
moved an ocean away
from home 
and really need to be a 
big girl.

A big girl who listens.

The messages, they've
been there all of my life.

The good definitely 
outweighs the bad.

So why is the bad all over 
the ones
that have filtered right 
through and stick to me 
like glue?

I'm writing this series
and it's taking me back
to the days when I was
a girl and how some 
messages changed my
whole life.

And now I want to move
ahead to what's ahead
with some big things

I want to know that I am
listening the the Only Voice
that counts in the end.

I've found Him in the 
cows that moo'ed when
I was a girl 
working a farm.
Saturday morning chores
and family together.

I've heard that voice in 
hugs and the knowledge
that I was enough. Mama
and Papa always, always
always made me feel 
like I didn't have to do a 
thing to earn their love.

And I've found Him in 
come in the gifts of friends
who are going to be 
with me forever, even if 
I won't see them again in 
this life.

I've found Him in the heart 
of this molding clay to 
which I have become one.
It's messy and real
and in the end we know
our breath is Grace and 
the hand that forms
is the One who 

says "I love you. 
It is finished, first to last, 
in Me. One Day you 
will be Home forever. 
Safe in my arms.

This is the message 
from which I want you
to live."


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