Thursday, May 1, 2014

Five Minutes on MESS? {you bet & so much more} #fmfparty #FaithFilledFriday
i'm writing on mess? oh yes!
it's right here in the laundry
to fold
and piled by the wall, yes, the wall
to wash.

it's a mess that's there 
because hubby and I 
decided to say
no more to shoulds
and live here.
especially now.
moments. memories.
home for 2 months.
away for 2 or more
years in our new country
thousands of miles
and an ocean away.

yes, mess is fine.
mess is good.
mess defines in 
ways that allow
the crazy real
to be born.

i've been letting things
pile up so i can 
i have great friends 
who are saying yes
to my mess. we
are finding glory
together in it. 
and the journey 
has only

i think of all of this 
big wide mess
that spans now 
countries and time 
zones. continents
and languages.
the scrambled brain
that is fluent in three
different languages.
really, truly.
it's a great big 
mess up there.

But it's a mess i 
wouldn't trade for 
all the world that 
stayed safe...never
got on any plane.
didn't really love
enough to learn
heart language.
it's a mess.
i'm a two year-old
mess in a 40 year-old 
but more, i'm sharing
Jesus through my clumsy

and when the kids
their messy days
are filled with their
own journey
in new languages
and cross-cultural
ties...i remember
that we are here
because God 
writes the story.

and we say
yes. and He says
it's beautiful. mine.
that's all i see.


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