Friday, April 25, 2014

You All Are My String of Pearls {#FMFParty #Friends}

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You're all my string of pearls.

You have come once only to
stay forever.

You span continents {all}, countries {many}
and States the same.

Time zones and denomination.

You are pearls that I would
sacrifice it all to keep.

You remind me of the real; the broken.

You take me as I am.

The mess that keeps on messing:)

You have loved in the days of famine

And rejoiced in the days of plenty.

You are born of blood and spirit and
always, always, always the heart of friend.

You humble me and delight me.

You make me long for Heaven.

There will be every tear wiped away
and the leaving; the missing;

it will be no more.


It's my song; I sing in the quiet and lonely.

In the new and scary.

I remember how you knew me when and
how you still know me.

I know you are a phone call away and be it
2 weeks, or months or years or decades we
still see soul-to-soul.

You make me smile from the deep when
I think of you living well right where you are.

You are the realest of real.

You've become my real in many seasons of
change and leaving. Yours and Mine.

You make me know that there is a God
who makes Himself known in quiet places of
the listening ears, and the silent spaces of prayers
that are the tie that binds.

You remind that I am not alone.
I have never been alone.
You show me the face of Jesus.

You all are my string of pearls...I wear you 
proudly wherever in the world I am.

Five Minute Friday


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