Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well, it's time I told you what I've been up to {drum roll please:}

I've been up to a lot, it turns out.

I've been traveling over oceans on planes with a 6, 4 and very active 1 year-old.

I've been re-connecting with family and some friends on this side of the ocean.
{Though I long to connect with more of both...}

I've been shifting into the nomadic that will continue as we return to Hungary in June and head to our English Camp soon after.

I've been saying too many sharp words for socks tossed under beds, this way and that, and dirty clothes the same.

I've been cuddling in the mornings with the kiddos and at night with the hubby.
{Who pretty much is the reason I survive any of this travel--he is THE best! Oh, Jesus, Him too!}

I've been making time for God and pouring out my heart in ways that mark wherever I am in the world.

But, the real what-i've-been-up-to that I want to share here. now. with you. if I can just find the courage...
{picture ringing hands and a shy smile with a bit of a blush}

Well, it's about my story.

About a part of my story that I never, I repeat NEVER, thought that I would share in a blog or anywhere public.

It's been a wrestle to keep walking forward with it. I've prayed, hedged and prayed some more. I've talked a lot with that amazing hubby who has been...amazing. His support means everything.

And at the end of the day, I rest in a Risen Christ who gives me the freedom to be His in this world.

And, right now, being His, means sharing my story in a series {and maybe one day, a book?} called... 

Pure Passion.

You can read that however you want to and you will probably be right;)

I'm starting it slow. Talking about growing up not talking about, you know {baby steps, you see;}

Will you join me at Missional Women where I begin talking about the confusion and the first strands of clarity in my journey towards Pure Passion.


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