Friday, April 11, 2014

how to paint a life #fmfparty #livelifetothefull


it's blood and guts
a lot of crazy
and even more grace.

it's the risks that leave
us with no regrets though
the broken pieces remain.

it's knowing that you have
one dear, precious life
and asking questions well.

the colors come from 
moments true and they span
the family messy days and 
warm romantic nights and 
they shine in days of sun and rain
and they bear weight.

the things that remain are 
the colors with the bleeding
depth that seems to have it's
own kind of folds. the velvet
and canvas and linens of the 
weaving and then there's the 
bright and clear of the faith-filled

how to paint a life?

in all things true, lovely, noble
and honorable...
all of the rise-up-and-bless-her
praise that those closest
can sing from heart of hearts.

how to paint a life?

in messy, broken, and then
there's some more mess
and some more broken.
pieces...mosaics of those who 
aren't afraid to feel and express
but know the humble sorry
and words to reconcile 
and redeem
even more...words to point 
to the One who died 
for all that was lost 
to see us Home.

how to paint a life?

one moment, one thought,
one fight for all that's 
worth the living and the 
dying. To never, ever, ever
give up or believe it's simply 
not worth the journey
of every bleeding, digging,
pursuing, heart-deep




  1. You wrote that in five minutes? Wow! And even if you didn't, it's still wonderful. (And I won't tell anyone.) Blessings from a fellow FMF contributor.

    1. thanks David! just about 10 seconds over today;) thanks for visiting from fmf:)

  2. Spectacular! Thank you for sharing this. xoxo

    1. Thank YOU for your presence here & encouragement!

  3. You are pretty rockin' Abby! What a beautiful poem. Seeing that artistry and writer flowing through as you paint a perfect word picture! Thanks for sharing this today! Love FMF.

    1. Thank YOU Kelly for your encouraging words...they mean a lot!


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