Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Minutes on Glory 'Glue' #FMFParty

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It's you.
This Glory Glue
it sticks to 
the most 

the knees bowed
and the 
handing over.
with mouths
that want to 
cry Glory
instead of 
taking you to 
be killed.

and Your Glory
Glue it sticks
to the broken
the ones who 
long for 
the I AM to 
and yet the 
glory is but 
the shadow 
amidst the mar.

and Your Glory
Glue it haunts
the chained 
and makes us
see that we are...
the broken realize
we are broken.
the lost realize
we are lost.
there is 
and wholeness
and Home 
for those 
who will
let Glory Glue
come and find
and cling
and make all 

It's Glory Glue
that shines on 
all that has 
ever been good.
since the Word
the You of Glory
spoke and made.

All that light in 
darkness sticking
to the things 
that were made 
good and making
good again.

It's Your Glory Glue
that comes through
places that never
before knew
they could hold
the true and good
and grace of 

It's Your 
Glory Glue
that makes 
all of this 
world, the 
the longing,
it makes it all
a part of 
a whole that 
is from
beginning to 
end bound 
up in You.

@ Missional Women



  1. Beautiful, beautiful poetry. Thank you

  2. Stopping by from FMF. Enjoyed your beautiful poem. I love the words "Glory Glue."

  3. Visiting from FMF. I enjoyed reading your poem. Thanks!


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