Friday, April 4, 2014

are writers made or born? #fmfparty


it's been the weaving in and out of my life. words. words to share the heart of what is meant to be. in me. in the world. maybe it's that part of me that hints of Eden when the Word made all and it was good.

young girl i wrote in poems and rhymes that were silly to others, but not me. they reflected the life I wanted. the life of joy i know that i was meant to have but it was not the life given to me in the angst of adolescence and the pain of broken hearts all around.

writing always a desire to bless it's been for me. the journey has been learning that the most honest and real and raw that i can offer as a sacrifice of myself before God and others is what will truly bless.

i started to see a change in the honesty of my expression in words that year when all of my dreams came crashing down and i saw the realities of my limitations with words to change or convince others of things. it was not the writing that would bring me life.

after the dreams crashed and my heart stilled i learned what it was to write in blood and Spirit and longing as i had never known before. i learned to speak of things that i didn't even know how to tell you face to face. no, it was the writing on the page, the journal, the screen, that somehow brought the magic of heart revealed.

{extra today...i just had to...}

we are all writers in heart of hearts...words to be born for the beauty of ourselves's how those words come through our lives...blogs, photos, living and dying for what we believe in, or silent in the sacrifice of worship. a communion with God personal, living, eternal...

if i had a wish for you today, it would be to learn the words your heart of hearts wants to say and to be willing to do whatever it takes to say them.



  1. Wow, beautiful. Thanks for the vulnerability and depth! "write in blood and Spirit and longing" ... "words to be born for the beauty of ourselves revealed." far out, those are words that challenge and inspire me. Thanks so much!

    1. Sammy. So blessed you are blessed here today. I pray your journey grows truer & it brings all the glory of redemption. Bless you!

  2. Thank you Abby for this {timely} encouragement. Can't wait to see you guys!! AND --- I am so loving this new blog look.

    1. Bevy!! I've been thinking of you!! I want a heart to heart with my blog & real life friend!! Can't wait to see you!!


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