Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lessons from the Hill :: the keeping Grace {Introduction}


I remember the many prayers in the midst of transition and fundraising and packing and the like.  I lifted up my heart’s desire for a God-gone-before place for our family to live once we moved to Budapest, Hungary.

As with every prayer I have ever prayed with the crying heart and the child-like faith as it goes up and up and up, purified and redeemed, I surrender my wants…for worship and lay it all at Abba Daddy’s feet. Then, I actively work to let go. to trust. to believe and in His time He answers. Exceeding Immeasurably beyond.  As my dear earthly daddy would say ‘you can’t outgive God.’

Yes. So true. So so so true.

After what seemed like lots of looking and the humbling doubt invading and a desperate phone call to my dear friend Julie, she found another barrel to look in and out came the exceeding, immeasurably beyond of our home here in Hungary.

Prayers answered beyond for a location to easily navigate the city and to easily receive students from the city.  Prayers answered beyond for adequate space to show hospitality and let little children play. Prayers answered beyond for kitchen, washer and storage space, none of which are a given anywhere in this city. Prayers answered beyond for close markets and stores that save us time and money.

All icing on the cake so to speak.  For it was the prayers refined lifted for a community in which to minister that has become our own, with language routes and locals who smile when they see us {especially my hubby who has NEVER met a stranger;} that rooted deepest in me. 

There’s a high school where my husband has gone into English and Hungarian classes and whose students are never far from his heart. There’s an elementary school with a believing principal that we hope will be the place for our son for a few years.  Recently, we’ve found a church home right here too.  All filling us with hope and renewed desire to remain here, in this home, and the humbling, grace-filled reality that years of living and reaching out will bear eternal fruit.

But despite my prayers and the answer, the joy and thankfulness have been intermittent these almost two years hence. It is always the hardest to open wide and receive and rest wild, full and complete in the grace, the good gifts given. {the gist of a passage from Ann Voskamp’s ‘One Thousand Gifts’…chapters 5, 6 or 7??}

It is this process of receiving in the midst of a restless, restless heart that will be the086 theme of this series.

For you see, another gift that I don’t even remember praying for, but which He has given abundantly is a hill to climb and a daily twenty minute walk that have sustained me in some of the hardest, darkest days I have ever known.

These lessons and how they have kept and shaped me through Grace experienced in disciplined communion are what I will be sharing for the next few weeks.

They symbolize how I have come to receive what I most need.  Most have been hard fought as the lies and darkness’ hand have fallen hard and heavy.  And, in the end, hearing, seeing, understanding again and again and again that He is most passionate, not about the ministry outward, but about the secret places where heart of hearts bows in worship and learns who and Whose she is.

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