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#FMF {mighty} & 10 things I learned {March}


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The crown of life is not given to the faint of heart

to those who said ‘it’s too hard’

and left the fight.

No the prize is an upward call and it’s from Jesus

and to Jesus we run.

We learn to live in such a way that we

gain strength that is renewed like
the eagle’s.

The might of this little life I have to give

is perfected, compounded, built upon layer

upon layer by the dying.

The dying that comes akin to breathing

and the might that truly starts to feel

like it might could change the world.

It learns to draw from eternal depths

and live the unseen

as though it is reality. As mama it’s

prayers for kids to become God’s in

all ways and to live like

there is something worth dying for.

Mama’s learn might by pouring it into the

mundane that their hearts in babes and

children rise up in strength, surrounded

in love and stand on shoulders to one

day far surpass the faith of their mama’s.005

For wives the might is often found

in never giving up the belief that the

best is yet to be in the marriage given and

that as God becomes more and more the

celebration in the midst, there is a

might that none of the weapons formed against
this most precious of unions can prosper.

As daughter of Abba Daddy might’s face is a

secret smile and sprarkling eyes that rises

in an unquenchable resilience that truly

all things are possible…

{that went QUICK!!! it’s onward, upward, now…living mighty

in ways that should make the devil very nervousWinking smile}


And I had to join this link-up too…

Things I learned in March :: {Link with Chatting @ the Sky}

0291) Waiting & Hoping are Twins Just like my sister and I. They are inseparable in their origins and essential roles that make the life they bring possible.  I have been meditating & memorizing Psalm 62:5-8 and the Lord has had me parking right at verse 5 for most of Lent.  I also think of Lamentations 3:24-26 that have been life treasure verses and Romans 8:.  There are many more, I am sure, but it’s easy to see that the Lord loves to remind us of this special twin relationship.

2) My blog theme is right on yet incomplete.  I have heard from those blog know-how-ers that you find ‘your thing’ and you stick with it.  The heartbeat of my writing is truly to fan the flame, light the fire, see the world be changed as we live in all-out, abandoned love for the One Worthy of all of our lives.  Yet, there’s parts of me that are an expression of that fire that are kind of shy here…like humor, laughter, joy, light-heartedness that comes from knowing who and Whose I am.  I am trusting God to show me how to bring a fuller expression of myself to this blog-space.

3) Laughter finds us in the most surprising of places.  I have long loved most about the Proverbs 31 woman that she ‘laughs at the days to come’.  I want that to characterize my life and this month the Lord unlocked a big key to that for me.

4) Sharing my story as God is calling me to, is both terrifying and liberating.  This relates to #3 and I still can’t believe I am moving forward with what He is calling me to share, but I know I’ll never feel peace and being anything less than obedient in it will make me unfaithful.

5) Having other languages in my head makes me a better writer.  I have been fluent in Spanish for almost 20 years and have been immersed in Hungarian language & culture for the past 2 and have a shaky fluency level in it.  Being able to sit down and write in my heart language because I live much of my life thinking and speaking other languages, is a treasure that inspires and fills me with thankfulness.

6) As a Mom, carving out time away from my kids really, really does make me a better mom.  If you’ve017 learned this truth—good for you!!!  I’ve spent so much time feeling guilty and believing lies about this, that I am so, so happy to have found new freedom and peace in this truth.

7) Re-learning :: YOU CAN NEVER, EVER OUTGIVE GOD! All of the risk and sacrifice of lives devoted to Him is returned manifold…if I have but eyes open to see it!

8) Nothing in my life can move forward if I am unwilling to risk.  Every relationship, every passion and vision require great courage to Live with a captial ‘L’.

9) The circus comes to this neighborhood in Budapest where we live.  There’s a big tent set up outside the Catholic church and donkeys and ponies tethered to the road I walk daily while it’s in town.  There’s much more to know, but my daughter took one look at the sign with a clown and said ‘no, no’ Winking smile

10) I am less American than I have ever been.  In a little over a week, we’ll go back to the States for the first time in 2 years!  I know I will have lots of reverse culture shock and feel utterly out of the loop.  I can watch some TV shows here but gave them up a while ago and just haven’t gotten back into them…so I figure I’ll survive through the universally life-giving things.  Face-to-face relationships that are Heaven-bound and timeless.  Staying deep in the Word and writing out my story…the one I want to engage in all it’s gritty glory and learn to live it well…This one precious time, space and history I am given.




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