Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Willing


Go ::

It’s in the silence that

I am hearing the questions.

The ones that need to be


The ones that are asking me

what I will yet lay down. give up.

A new home and life that shows

me I need to trust to walk is

not enough.

It’s only the beginning.

And I see the depths that bring

this life. here. to full.

And I see the sun cresting the hill

I walk daily…it’s straining towards

this earth before me

and I see that beckoning.

You. Bidding me come.

Reminding of something I can

never seem to remember.  The promise

ever real. The best yet to be.

Stepping towards you, letting go of

the grasping unyielding hands white

with will

And I have multitude of times believed

the lie. that what I want to keep

is better than what you give.

Oh foolish woman I am…having tasted

though faintly, yet with the heights of

knowing in my have-lived days, I

know, that I know that I know that I…


You are best of all and you will give

beyond imagining the best that will

never pass away.

the heart is crying out for the freedom

of all that weak flesh that wants to

melt into what I think I need covering

the spirit, the yearning in me,

longing to be free.



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