Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Joy


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And it’s a name young and innocent

a newborn babe given

Abigail, a source of JOY!

I see pictures and look at that spirited

young girl who was full of life

a tomboy and adventurous, a cuddler

and a sister, daughter and happy child too.

And I know how the story goes and

the days that broke my family’s heart.

There was a loss of this name in me,

a joy that flew away and I did not

know how to find it again. I was awakened

to Gospel and Grace in the early days

of university and I found the fountain, the name

and ran to take on the world.

Heartbreak and cancer quelled the fire

and the joy was yet there, but somehow buried

and a bit dull. Life is the ebb and flow,

this I know, but the struggle to reclaim


the Name is the journey from Eden to Paradise

Perfect and Eternal when the Name given is

over us & can never, ever be taken away.

With smiling face I write how I am again

wooed and wowed and surprised in the

best & most glorious of ways by the Name returned. The

joy rekindled and the fire set aflame. I realize

it is a story of Joy’s Name, but of every name ever

given.  How it is our gift implanted in our

soul but it is marred by the Fall and life and we

struggle to regain, fight to see ourselves redeemed…

we lose our way and forget that when it’s a name

we want for our own and that is the end, well

we lose it again only to receive it back

purified and empowered to journey with us Home

and to surrender to the One Glory, the One Name

the One Joy who is the source of all.




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