Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Crowd

And it’s rush hour and the bus is crowded

there’s a kid with headphones and he’s

jammin’.  My beloved taps on shoulder

and asks in Hungarian if he can talk with him.

And there’s a homeless man behind a former

grocery store and the crowds

they pass. but not my beloved.

He stops & looks in eyes and buys something

needed & invites to church.  His heart breaks

when the glassy eyes return and there

is the hopelessness.

And it’s a lonely hill but the crowded city

rests below & he meets someone

who he taps again and asks them about Jesus.

He’s Muslim and they talk on the hill about

the Only Perfect One to offer himself on a hill
for the whole world.

And it’s a crowded mall and that couple can only

see each other, but there’s a Hungarian hello

and a tap on the shoulder and the hard

questions that no one has ever asked.

And there’s a park and a group of high school

students goofing off, but they get to hear

what they never have from a stranger

who makes it a point to speak truth from a

love that cannot be quenched.

And the crowds and the millions have turned

into a small world.  Where classmates remember

a guy who stopped and talked and asked about life

and death and offered hope. And where people

run across the sidewalk to tap on the shoulder because

they remember a conversation from over a year ago.

And there’s a city that is hearing, being wooed by the Love

of all time, one heart, one conversation, one risk at a time.

And my beloved, I am his and he is mine and together

we can change the world in Jesus’ Name.

{dedicated to my beloved…the one with whom I walk, run & journey…

living the Greatest love affair the world has ever known}

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