Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Small

Samuka getting bigger, etc 127

Fragile is the hand that ticks the moments

of a life.

In tragedy the world over all too often

the hand it stops and time here is done.

Eternity only will bring the reuniting.

Only the good die young, it is true.

And only the strong and brave

survive to live amidst the loss.

It’s hard to know what to say when

we think of things like grief and pain

countries torn apart, a new neighbor for us,

and the struggle to be free.

I have never felt so small and insignificant

against the weight of what threatens

to overwhelm.

Small in my own eyes knowing that it is

a place to live from.

There’s little, oh so, so little, I can do to

take away the pain.

Moments of small are touching the grieving

hearts and shedding tears that drip drip

to the beat of the heart of God.

I am small and so I breathe the only way

to see the big happen in this world.

Out the surrender of what I cannot change

and in the prayer to the One who holds it all.

I let go of my own fleeting life and all allusion of

control and I take up the truth of the One

who has promised to redeem.

I lift these shaking, trembling hands the tiny

mustard seed of faith and cry the tears

for all the fragile lost and the hope rises

that will grace the new day.


Missional Women


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