Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: CHOOSE

GO ::

Looking to the hopeful side I am going

to pick up what is ever yet to be.

Hope springs in heart and life and I will choose it.

It’s this relentless dragging down that’s always

getting me.

Carrying the burden of the past and add to that

the perfect running through and all about my head

and you see I’ve got a pretty bad case of the blues.

But that is not the choice to which I am called

The wild and glorious unmerited of Grace

is my portion.  And can it be?

Since tiny girl with full heart that has passed

through valleys in the years to now

I have always, always struggled for the grace

to open wide and simply not think I need to be the

best.  And not let the imperfection start mounting up, up, up

like some kind of muddy slide that’s surely going to cover me

at any moment.

The choice I know is the only choice that renders me free

is the one that looks this moment, now, to

the face of the beauty of what is done—perfect and whole.

I teared up at this trailer. If I was home in the States I would go.

opens this weekend…in the U.S. please go for me:)

It’s the not being able to get enough, you know.

The becoming completely transfixed by the One that is worthy!

to get stuck in this choice with the raised eyes and heart…

oh yes, please.


faith filled friday


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