Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: See

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I’ve had this running through my mind.

It starts…

“funneled hope pours through the day’s dismal tinge
and the spirit longs, yea desires to LIVE…”

written in the waning months of the cancer that all-too-soon

claimed my mother’s earthly life.  It was the cry

of her spirit that inspired those words.

But here and now I have been wondering if they were

not some how a prophetic letter to myself.

A cry of the spirit I saw in her fighting for every

moment of life, real, true, embrace the moment

and receiving life…as many as she had as full as could be.

Maybe somehow my spirit knew I would need to fight

not a cancer of the body, but of the soul.

This was not the first life and death battle for my mom

and it isn’t for me.

But no matter how many proverbial dragons I have slain in

the days gone by, there are inevitably new ones.

It’s part and parcel of that fallen legacy. And the days

the span all too often in gray dismal tinge…

Literally this is the weather of my new home in these

long winters months bringing these words all the closer

to that sweet spot of the heart where the real listening, understanding,

feeling and living comes.

And so I am learning to see again.  The old and golden that are

the ever-embrace of the sojourner.  The things that do not

pass away and the sweet peace of an eternal love that hovers

and shelters

and calls itself the only Perfect One destined
to cast out all fears.

And I say yes.  Right here. Right now. I want that funneled hope

to be about the making new of some tired ways and thoughts that

keep me chained too often. shamefully so. Yet these verses talk about

the deliverance of fears and the banishing of shame…of new radiant

faces that stand stark and brilliant in the world.  Is there really

any other face that can truly see?   No matter how long it takes,

and no matter how many days of steps forward and double back…I

will choose to see, to find the hope buried deep in sunless days and

a screaming keening world and hope will not be denied and will unveil

the resilience of the Overcomer come to rescue and free.


{a tad longer than 5 minutes today, because, well, it’s too long

since I’ve been writing, you see?}


faith filled friday


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