Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Encouragement

Lots of this and that winter & early spring '12 020


It has been for me like the deep stirring of a flame

The hunt to find what is real in this world, in this heart

of mine through that heart of yours.

I want to know you, really, really know you.

What makes you tick.

What makes you sing and sigh and laugh and cry.

I want to know you, friend, more than

the how are you’s and fines that beat their

rhytmic shallow sounding drum.

I want the guts spilled and the layers peeled away.

I want these eyes of mine to look into yours and

find that we are parts of a vast and beautiful whole.

To know that we share in a devastating fallen legacy

and yet cry out for the only true hope to anchor our souls

To know that where 2 or 3 are gathered, here IS HERE.

To be the hands and feet and yes, the very heart of

a God who is Emmanuel, God WITH US.

With us in our tears and pain and with us in our joy and laughter.

With us though the whole world seem against us.

With us so that we can be with one another.

With us so that we can bring life to each other.

To encourage in the desperate days and not be so proud we

will hold back and pretend we have not been there, even say

we currently ARE there.  In the silent hollowed selves that

cry tears in solitary spaces only to long to know we are not

alone. To be the friends who make the truth of our humanity

not a disgrace but a grace


faith filled friday


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