Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Together


To ::


That’s a Hungarian superlative that kind of means I REALLY don’t know.

And yet I do know ‘together’ is His good pleasing and perfect will for me.

But how, how to get there?

It’s a time and a season when pulling back and deeper into Him is the pulse and breath

that I must know.

It’s a time for continual re-shaping and re-visioning that may be years in the making

and that needs to be just fine.

It’s a together that holds everything loosely right now.

Whether it’s a shift to segregated life but united ministry,

Or it’s the hope of sisters here who a good God has called thousands of miles away.

It’s the patience and open invitation to others who are trying to figure out a whole new world.

It’s asking and needing that same patience in return.

It’s making much of a God who calls us to know Him in the really lonely so that we can know Him in community.

It’s stepping out in a new language when you are really not sure how to say much of anything.

It’s hope.

When the waves of self-pity come, to know that there is not one who has surrendered those she loves in family and friend….good gifts for the journey who will not receive hundred-fold in return…

And a prayer that it be so this long journey home…trusting it for now in it’s messy coming and knowing it forever in a hope that anchors.



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