Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Story

And he’s jumpin’ up and down, this 3rd child of mine

And the story it’s being written in new ways and days and times

and places.

So many surprises and so much joy and so many ways to be stretched

and often broken and to be healed and mended and to trust in the Loving Arms of God

to lead us all Home.

The story is a great adventure with a promised

happily ever after.

The plot has twisted and turned and scaled some heights and fallen

from those same heights too.

There’s been valleys and the heart of a pilgrim has been hard won

in the midst of choices that don’t make sense when

breathing the air of this world.

But I would choose this story again, in a heartbeat.

The things that were so hard, and the things that broke

my heart…they have only brought wisdom & compassion and the

unrelenting determination to stay. to keep on keepin’ on this

only path worth being on.  Where faith is real and it starts

to get gritty and heart-wrenching when a mother’s heart is born.  It

pulls and shapes and defines new steps and there is a fierce

wild joy bound up in the thankfulness that comes from the life of the

journeyer who KNOWS SHE WILL MAKE IT HOME…AND who believes that

she is raising a generation that will find their way too…that she can trust

their precious stories to the One who has held hers…who grieves the growing

cloud that cheers on from the other side yet knows that some day, in the grace of God,

she will find her way there too and join the cheers of the stories that shine

transcendently for all time of lives touched by the brilliance of redemption.


faith filled friday


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