Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Lonely

Fall to Early Winter in Bp 574

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It’s a word that kind of floats inside me.

Comes and goes with the wings of a bird.

It’s never really gone, somehow that whole

soaring sky is inside of my heart and the

flight takes shape in places on two sides

of the ocean and in relationships as vast as the sea.

Lonely is what it is to really live how we

are called to live. That may sound

strange, but I do believe it’s true.

When we live like this world is not our home

when we listen and abide in a Christ

who walked the loneliest road ever known,

we find ourselves in His blessed company.

Lonely is what shapes us and makes us fit

to carry out the purity of the will of God.

We can live in the midst of the many and

we can perform and hear the praises of men and women

and know the hugs of true friends too, but

it’s in those quiet alone places when our hearts must

find a way out of the singing, drumming sounds to be

this person who is all in all and who can never possibly

do that…that we really come to know the LIFE of the One who IS all in all.

Lonely for me has been on high mountaintops of great

exhilaration and in tattered third world villages and violent street corners

and in the vast countryside of my childhood home full of family

and brothers and sisters.

And lonely is coming to be a sort of calling song towards Home…

a getting on my knees and driving deeper into the heart and will

and song of the One who defines all…


faith filled friday


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