Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Broken

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There’s a broken and it meets you at the street corner.  Sometimes it is messy on the outside and asking for money, for some coins or some shoes.  And there’s a broken inside that soul that is the journey of that life on the corner.  Sometimes there is a broken on the outside that is actually a healer within and you have to ask and learn and seek to find the treasure.

And there’s a broken on the pathway to the beach and you have a husband who is taking the kids for some ice cream and he just has to stop.  And he sits down and asks questions in the mix we now call Hunglish and there is a broken that is allowing the light to seep in.  And this new friend, this young man he wants hope & heaven and he is trying, trying, trying, but he just can’t get there…and he hears of the One who did it all and he says ‘yes’ and prays on that bench on the way to ice cream for a whole new life…

And there’s a broken that meets me in a long day and looks at me with my mother’s eyes.  She’s full of life and full of love and she just wants her mama to be with her…and I am broken in a million ways that shatter my heart and I hug her close and pray for the strength and power to lead her to the healer of her broken.

I don’t know why the broken should ever surprise…it’s the fissures of a story that’s gone all wrong and it clings to the air and clings to our lungs and we can never get away from it here in this life…but we can be broken and broken and broken and broken the cisterns that break so much there is an eternal river that has the space and place to flow and heal and heal and heal until we are Home



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