Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Song



A la la here and a doo doo there

And an English song here and a

Hungarian there or even a Spanish one

these days as I prepare to use this language as I haven’t

in a year.

A worship song to pull us together and to Him in our car

as we wax the wheels and drive the roads

of our new life

It seems like song has woven together all of the

parts and the worlds that meet in

our family these days.

My daughter follows her namesake with a true

love for music.  She is a pro at

the Hungarian songs she has been learning in

school…her favorite performed on demand before family and friends

here and across the ocean is about a katicabog√°r {lady bug}.

And I think of the tears in my eyes as her class at school

joined hands and sang in a beautiful little clear voice harmony

a Hungarian folk song.  And I felt so alive, so very, very, very

blessed to call another country my home.

And I think about my sweet hubby who loves rap and

has fired himself up and our kids with this song.

How his laid back heart is stoked to life and he is

ready to walk the streets with the Gospel…calling out

in a humble yet persistent way, these above-all-others

words of Life…praying for someone ready to hear.

And I remember the song of Creation not sung in English or Hungarian or Greek

or Spanish or Hebrew…that song of creation the first words of man

in a language that the whole world could understand

And I remember this is the song that calls again to us

in between countries and cultures and a whole wide world

ready, oh-so-ready, yearning, breaking, longing for the song

of a God that will set them free…


faith filled friday


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