Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Imagine

Barcelona Baby 246


A world where there was only one voice.

Where there was a melody

that aching hearts could hear

and it was louder than the din of

a million sounds, sights, internet waves…

A place where you could be safe

to know an be known.
To love and be loved.

To find the truth really does
set you free.

Where the hearts of one speak to

the hearts of another…

Where you let go of your striving

and finally rest in the work

done for you.

Where the things of material value

lose their value; almost

as if your eyes cannot see them.

And the things that do not pass

away, that cannot be seen

Actually become your reality.

Where you shed the trappings of a life

that has you running frayed and frenzied

and embrace a peace that nothing,

and I mean NOTHING, can interrupt.

Imagine you never had that clinging

sense of guilt but lived in full

vision of your great need and the

Savior who has already supplied it all…

forever and ever and ever.

And when you see the people around you, you really

see them.  You can look into eyes and not

be afraid of what you might find

for what you yourself know in the depths of

your being is more than enough to meet it.

The Perfect Love that is promised, is here. 

It is casting out every fear and oh that my heart

and yours will be willing to embrace it like

we’ve always dreamed we could.


faith filled friday


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