Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Comfort


The thing that came to mind when I thought of comfort today was


Words spoken late at night with the husband I love to the depths of my soul

Words to heal and words that are so limited without the Spirit of God.

It seems like comfort and words are too, too often opposed

Pat answers and spiritual platitudes are 101 courses for too many, including me

who love God

And then life happens and pain & struggles bear down & words lose

their surface meaning and start to burrow deep.

Sometimes comfort comes in silence, the absence of words, which is

really allow space for the right ones to grow

to one day flow when someone needs them the most.

But it is the words of God echoed in the hidden caverns of the heart

that are meant to bring the greatest warmth a soul can know.

Things like the rejoicing over us that He gives, the poetry of a prophet

that rains down the smile of Heaven when our spirits are downcast.

The cries of the psalmist that remind us that we are not alone…the agony

of this fallen world has never been a stranger to any honest moment in time…

The journey of our Savior where words were spoken in love’s economy with razor-sharp

precision to wound & heal, to bind up brokenhearted to set captives free with the truth

that is the heart and worth of every true comfort for you, for me, for a weeping hurting weary world

in desperate need of these words of Life.


faith filled friday


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