Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Here

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Here is new, these days, in so many ways new.

Here is good and right but oh so hard.

Who knew that the constant newness, the feeling

of being the alien, the stranger would exhaust so?

I suppose I was supposed to know.


But here is also the chance to do what few

have the privilege of doing.

To make a whole new world your home 

and hug it tight and shower the love of

life and family upon it.


Here is a journey completed yet only just begun.

A chance to immerse yourself in a state of constant

failing and flailing and humbling, the oh so humbling



Here is where the heart strings are strained with family

and ministry and all that is comfortable so often

so far away.


But here is the only place where those heart strings

can break and realize their ever small ways

and ability to love the lost, hurting & broken.


And so here is the journey that has cried from

deep inside though its fulfillment make

me shake in these proverbial shoes.


It is the chance to breath out what I can do, what

I can make out of a life, my life and to

find it all surrendered.  To learn

that it is only in the letting go, the

emptying that I will receive.

It is a place to ask for what I do not have

and could never conjure up

and to find that its void is filled

by what only the breath of God
can give.


faith filled friday


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