Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Remember

Go ::

At times they come in waves, these remembrances of days gone by…

Some times I remember a smell and I am transported…

Like the clean, upholstered furniture smell of my grandparents’ house


the earthyWinking smile smell of cow manure

or the baking smell of homemade italian or chocolate chip cookie.

Other times it’s the way the sun filters through the window

and I am taken to the places most dear

the houses, often run-down & in need of repairs, that my

mother with blood, sweat and tears made into home.

Other times it is the look of a flower that reminds me of the

gardening I wish that I had taken more of her cues for

Like the geraniums that survived each winter or the house plants

that never went un-watered…

Some times too it is the glistening of the Christmas lights or the

little knick knack with its own private meaning

Or the smell of freshly dried sheets on the line

Or the folding of towels just so

Or the scrubbing of counter corners  or

the special night for spaghetti dinners with milk

Or even the frustrated voice that can make sensitive kids cry…

In more ways than I ever think is possible the day in and day out speaks through

the caverns of time and in it I live to keep on keepin’ on another day…



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