Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Ordinary

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And the sun is shining and there’s a spring in this winter lethargic step as I take the freshly washed sheets & duvet out to the patio to dry.

And I can’t put away this excitement.  It’s going deep to the nerve endings and flows through my body.

Winter is drawing its last breath though there be a frigid one or two left to endure.  And the sun is finding its way through months of gray and my sheets, my bed, my life will once again taste of that fresh air.

And as the sweet smell tickles my nose, the ordinary takes on a redemptive tone. 

I cannot imagine the sweetness of that first outdoor drying being so bold and far-reaching if there hadn’t been its absence through the cold and drear that is the season of winter called to endure.

There are things that steal our hearts when their sun dampens and we must simply endure with one foot in front of the other, trusting that there will be a new day where the sun will shine again and we will find our joy again…

There is the promise in a smell that harkens to the One who ever promises to make ALL THINGS new and who promises to steal the ordinary with the magic light of eternity.

And how can our hearts not perk at the thought, the wonder, of the amazing reality unfolding one sunny day at a time?  And how can we not help but long and pray and hope for more?


faith filled friday


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